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Collected data is maintained season to season so that the entire costuming process less stressful. Notes can be kept that provide specific fit and brand preferences for future reference. Recital management immediately exposes and helps to resolve conflicts such as music gaps, performance overlaps and lack of costuming time. Last minute changes are simple to make — even if students or numbers have to be removed and replaced.

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Synergy Dance Academy Jackrabbit gives Synergy Dance Academy powerful online options that make a real difference to parents and easy-to-use tools that reduce the stress that many dance studio activities place on staff. About the Author: Jill Purdy.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

You can collaborate with other companies that are related to dance. You can contact different companies and see what they can offer your studio. They will get free advertising and you may end up with some free giveaway swag or reduced cost shoes. If your community hosts a local event, be sure you are seen there.

Get in touch with your local chamber of commerce or even stop by city hall. They can tell you what events will be happening and when. Be sure to have a couple of dance groups show off their talent to the community. If you can register people there even better. If not, be sure to pass out flyers and business cards to potential students and their parents.

Referrals are a win-win situation with you and your students.

23 tips and ideas to promote your school event

You can set up a program where established students can refer their friends and receive a free dance lesson or a new pair of shoes. You can offer whatever incentive you think your students would enjoy. This way the incoming students already know about your classes and they have a friend to dance with.

You can offer a free class to anyone at any time and they can experience the class and hopefully get hooked on the class. You may want to limit your free classes to certain times in the year, or you may want to just include new students. The broader your scope the more inclusive the offer will be and the more students you will attract. You should use postcards to remind students to register and to invite new students into your studio.

Own a Children’s Dance Studio? Marketing Tips you Need to Know!

You can get a direct mailing list from your local schools or ask your current students to give you the mailing information of five friends who may be interested in enrolling in your dance classes. Eleven dollars per class Yup, one hundred and twenty US dollars! Enough to buy one single class for eight of your friends. Take as many classes as you want Look here First Name.

Last Name. How many people will be in your group? The following information will help provide our staff enough time to create your accounts. Will you be traveling with individuals less than 18 years old? How many, in your group, are less than 18 years old? If you answer yes, to the previous question please fill this out, if not - please move on to the next question. If you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to let us know and we can further assist you.

Thank you for your submission! One of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Want to rent the space? Premium Package for Studio L:. Includes basic rental above PLUS access to our back patio, blacked out mirrors, and additional stage lighting! Studio L: 51' x 50' Studio Dimensions. Sat-Sun 11a-9p Hours of operation. Rentals are confirmed on a first come first serve basis.

9 Easy Ways to Market Your Dance Studio

In order to confirm space, an account will be created for you including information such as, but not limited to, company name, contact name, contact phone number and email, a signed liability waiver, and credit card information. At the time of booking, pricing for the total rental will be calculated. The rental must be paid in full prior to the rental start time.

The client is allowed one 1 parking spot for the duration of the studio rental.

Other patrons are NOT allowed to park in the studio parking lot. The client may request for additional parking spaces and must be approved 24 hours prior to the scheduled date. Each studio is equipped with dual full-sized speakers and a soundboard with an auxiliary cable connection for your music source.

9 Easy Ways to Market Your Dance Studio – ART + marketing

The client is responsible for any damages occurring during the rental time and will be billed accordingly. Fog machines, or devices that produce any form of vapor; including Electronic cigarettes, are strictly prohibited due to the sensitivity of our Air Conditioning units. Please see any member of Movement Lifestyle staff or the studio manager for assistance with sound equipment if needed.

Gross sales percentage may be altered on a case by case basis. Radio and Televised Use.