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In this section the author outlines the major challenges that Istanbul faced during the eighteenth century. Intensifying rural migration increased the overall population and swelled the numbers of the poor and the underclass.

Victorian Crime and Punishment

This process, in relation to the deteriorating economic conditions due to frequent wars, wartime taxation, and high inflation rates, generated two main results. First, it amplified the numbers of criminal elements within the city and boosted the crime rates.

Second, in the context of the consumption-and pleasure-oriented culture of the socio-economic elite during the Tulip Age--referring to the reign of Ahmed III , or, more specifically, to the tenure of the grand-vizier Ibrahim Pasha --the increasing numbers of marginalized elements led to social polarization and violent conflicts. According to Zarinebaf, the two major popular upheavals of the time--the rebellion against Sultan Mustafa II and the rebellion against Sultan Ahmed III--should be understood in Author: Bogac A.

Political and Social Setting 1.

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Istanbul in the Tulip Age 2. Migration and Marginalization 3. Istanbul between Two Rebellions Part Two. Categories of Crime 4. Crimes against Property and Counterfeiting 5. Prostitution and the Vice Trade 6. This vividly detailed revisionist history exposes the underworld of the largest metropolis of the early modern Mediterranean and through it the entire fabric of a complex, multicultural society.

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Fariba Zarinebaf maps the history of crime and punishment in Istanbul over more than one hundred years, considering transgressions such as riots, prostitution, theft, and murder and at the same time tracing how the state controlled and punished its unruly population. Taking us through the city's streets, workshops, and houses, she gives voice to ordinary people - the man accused of stealing, the woman accused of prostitution, and the vagabond expelled from the city. She finds that Istanbul in this period remains mischaracterized - in part by the sensational and exotic accounts of European travelers who portrayed it as the embodiment of Ottoman decline, rife with decadence, sin, and disease.

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Linking the history of crime and punishment to the dramatic political, economic, and social transformations that occurred in the eighteenth century, Zarinebaf finds in fact that Istanbul had much more in common with other emerging modern cities in Europe, and even in America. Passar bra ihop. Mediterranean Encounters Fariba Zarinebaf Mediterranean Encounters traces the layered history of Galata-a Mediterranean and Black Sea port-to the Ottoman conquest, and its transformation into a hub of European trade and diplomacy as well as a pluralist society of the early modern period.

A Historical and Economic Geography of Ottoman Greece Fariba Zarinebaf, Professor John Bennet, Jack L Davis This innovative study of the southwestern Peloponnese or Morea combines the study of unpublished Ottoman documents, other historical sources, and the results of archaeological fieldwork to explore the historical and economic geography of a particu Recensioner i media.

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