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The Reason Why God Is the Beauty We All Seek

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Love, faith and compassion: unconditionally

Anthony Powell. On the entire earth, you will find no two people who are exactly alike—even identical twins. This is one reason we are so enthralled with viewing creation and photographing it: we want to hold on to this tremendous beauty, at least for a moment in time, and archive it so we can remember it in the future.

We also find beauty in this world beyond the visually aesthetic. If you have ever observed someone reaching out to help a person in distress due to illness, calamity, or violence, you are witnessing beauty.

The Reason Why God Is the Beauty We All Seek — Beautiful Christian Life

I recently heard about a man who took in his year-old neighbor with cancer. She had no one to care for her and needed round-the-clock care, so this kind man stepped up to the plate. He could have looked the other way and expected someone else to care for the woman. While driving home one day, I was waiting at a stop sign and saw a woman pushing a disabled young man in a wheel chair.

I felt both sadness and a sense of awe as I watched the pair cross the street. There is something about these selfless acts of kindness that touches our souls deeply.

This is beauty in action—when we observe it, we sense that we are viewing something greater than ourselves. It is almost as though we are standing near holy ground. Why does beauty seem so elusive?

The Reminders - Greatest Love (Produced by Slot-A)

We desperately try to hold on to the beauty we find in our relationships—but they often become marred over time. The beauty of our youth slips away from us—no matter how hard we try to hold on to it with exercise, healthy eating, good habits, or even buying it with plastic surgery or the latest fashions. What exactly are we desiring when we seek after beauty? In his commentary on 1 Peter, biblical scholar Daniel M.

Doriani makes three key observations about 1 Peter , particularly in regard to the word kalos : the apostle expects Christians to live among non-Christians; Christians would be persecuted and falsely accused of wrongdoing; and the response to this slander is to live in such a way that any accusations would be heartily disproven.

Third, however, the believer must live so well that the pagan can make no valid accusations. An excellent life shines as an alternative to pagan ways. The antidote is literally a beautiful way of life. The Christian life entails more than law-keeping. It is a way of life, a style that slowly attracts people to its beauty.

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  4. While this beautiful life comes through union with Christ, believers need to strive to grow in holiness:. Jesus points out that this lifestyle is the result of our union with him.

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    John Paul says that these changes are also the fruit of the Spirit. According to Peter, a beautiful life is also the result of our battle against sin 1 Pet. It has been argued that the Greek word kalon was employed instead of the word agathos a high standard of quality, worth, merit [9] to specifically reference physical or sensual beauty rather than inherent goodness. Why in the world not? Kosmen explains that the word kalon actually represents the relationship between beauty and goodness:. Understood properly, the relationship of the beauty represented by the kalon to the good thus reveals the relationship of appearance to being.

    The kalon is, then, not something in addition to the good that shows forth; it is the splendor of the appearance of the good. Finding—and holding onto—beauty and contentment is not easy. Sometimes it seems that we have a better chance of discovering a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow than fulfilling our hopes and dreams in this world. Throughout history, people have tried various methods to achieve bliss in this world and the afterlife—if it exists.

    Perhaps we should grab ahold of as much money and power as possible. In reality, the wealthy deal with the same relationship conflicts and self-worth struggles that others face, along with the negative effects that lots of money can produce. Author and psychotherapist Thayer Willis, an heiress from the family that founded Georgia-Pacific Corporation, describes the attitude of entitlement that pervaded her young adult years:.

    When I was in my 20s, ingratitude ruled my life. Due to my lack of experience working with others, I thought everything had to be exactly the way I wanted it. Planning for my first wedding, at age 29, I threw a fit that there were no gardenias available in January. I was inconsolable. The florist provided some kind of white flowers, as close as they could come to the gardenias I coveted, and I was furious.

    Furthermore, if material things are so bad for us, why do we like them so much? Did God plop us down in a world with lots of wonderful things to enjoy merely to teach us the importance of self-denial as some higher good? That seems strange at best—and cruel at worst. If desires are bad, why did God give them to us in the first place? Are you commitment-shy? Maybe you want to marry and are looking for a spouse who enjoys the same activities you do, shares the same political and religious views, and has a similar educational background.

    Just click on your preferences in the dating app, and see what candidates the software program determines are good prospects for you. While divorce appears to be in decline in the United States, the trends of waiting longer to marry, being more selective in marriage, and choosing cohabitation in lieu of marriage altogether combine to make the declining divorce rate look better than it actually is.

    Due to increased longevity and more employment options for women than ever before, Baby Boomers are considering—and pursuing—divorce more than ever. According to a article by Ben Stevermen for Bloomberg:. But not in Christianity. This is what Luther rediscovered in the Scriptures. I thank God that He revealed His gospel so clearly to us in His Word, and that we have access to it in our own language.