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When asked to consider an unconventional approach to striking that balance, David emb. To join the collective means wealth, success, and influence for the rest of your life. But the price of admission is total, complete submission to the seven billionaire's BDSM desires For each billionaire, she must give up her identity and become his personal plaything, submitting to his personal kinks until all seven are satisfied.

Only then will she be able to access riches beyond her wildest dreams.

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But will she be able to endure the j. Married for five years and he'd been cheating for three of those. Because Karen wasn't adventurous enough in the bedroom department.

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He got his kicks elsewhere, from a woman prepared to do anything and everything he fancied. He never meant to fall in love with the other woman; it just happened and - as a result - he had to leave his wife Karen's friend Emma took her in and it was here - staying on her couch - that Karen was accidentally introduced to a new, seedier world: fetish clubs with themed rooms catering for all tastes She'd spent three years of her life with Victor only to have him cheat on her.

Enter Bruce, a burly alpha male and talented local artist.

He also tended bar at one of her favorite establishments. Brynn finds out there is much more to this man than muscles and tats, as if that isn't sexy enough. When Victor becomes a threat, it's Bruce who storms in to her rescue. Now suddenly, Adele has found a new love and is dragging Ariel all the way across the country to Texas where billionaire oil baron Alton lives. Their decision to get married comes along with the surprise that Ariel is getting not just a new stepfather, but a new stepbrother in the devastatingly gorgeous and frustratingly difficult Dax.

When he looks at her with eyes like melted chocolate and lips crafted for sin, Ariel remembers that her daddy always told her that good girls play nice. And she definitely wants to be a good girl. I so desperately wanted to say yes, but I had never done something like this before. I bite my lip unsure of myself and looked into their hopeful eyes. This special audio version contains a sixth bonus track for your erotic pleasure! Thank you for listening! Long big black stretching her deep Stacia had been seduced by the lengthily hung Nicholas to Take all his 14 inches of thick stretching pleasure.

What she didn't know was that he wanted it hard and unprotected right there in the open public.

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This shocks her. She is not ready to be filled and Nicholas does not want to pull out. He pulls all the sneaky and naughty little tricks out his hat to have the pleasure of spilling inside her. Will she dare allow Nicholas to spill all his hot liquid inside? Find out now.

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He was a secret gambler and in massive debt to the biggest shark in town. When Clifton came calling, the only collateral he had left was his pretty wife and daughter. Extract: "We're gonna make sure you look your best. You must be joking! Now strip! Bridget confesses to having lesbian fantasies. To spice up the marriage, Don encourages Bridget to explore these fantasies. Bridget feels a strong attraction to Sian, a female trainer at the gym. Bridget's lesbian fantasy quickly becomes a reality, but there's not enough room for three people in a marriage.

Something's got to give The difference is Edward's a genius. Combining his love of hypnosis with his genius for electronics, he has invented a machine that will bend any woman's mind to his will. The science teacher is herself about to become the subject of an experiment. Vincent had been eyeing the secretary that John had hired for quite some time, and he couldn't help but notice the smell of a fresh virgin in the room.

John and Vincent met twice a week, and the smell was starting to drive the two Alpha males crazy.

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Over lunch, they decide that there's only one way to take care of it, and the seduction of Lila begins. Alphas always get what they want, and both pairs of eyes are on her young, sweet body. Lila soon learns what a big bad wolf is really about. Contact me for. Gary Felton had used his wealth to develop his interest in lactating women. His development of the drug to work in human women had led to the establishment of the science institute for just that purpose.

Along with Sally, his partner in business and love, they took great care in selecting attractive young women to exchange their former lives for one that revolved around their breasts. Lucy McDermott was an investigative reporter on a mission. Young women were apparently going missing and her leads were pointing towards the Sc. If those hot stories leave you craving more, this collection is for you!

Believe it or not, all of these are just one little click away. Get yours today! Warning: This audiobook contains ve. The pair embark on an intense and steamy relationship - hampered only by the thousands of miles that separate them.

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In equal parts a survival guide for long-distance relationships and an erotic novel, A Long-Distance Love Affair will set your pulse racing even as it helps you learn the difficulties and pleasures of loving someone on the other side of the globe. In its pages you will discover the importance of clear and open communication, the need for regular contact, and how to fight temptatio. Browsing through the student magazine, she saw an advert offering thousands of pounds for suitable young women to submit to medical trials.

Little did she know that the ad had been placed by an uber-rich and super-intelligent scientist, Dr. Andrew Felton, who had dedicated his life to making his ultimate perversion come true. He was creating human dairy cows.

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And Marie would be one of the first. Extract: "All of a sudden, Marie's milk came in and her head nearly exploded with the sensation. She watched in amazement as the pi. But all that changes when he meets a sexy, red-eyed alpha shifter he becomes instantly attracted to. He finds himself wanting this hot stranger to give him his first gay experience, but in return he must do a serious favor for his new cellmate.

This steamy prison werewolf short story is not suitable for those who don't enjoy a little rough and tumble with their romance. Collecting three explicit stories of hardcore wife sharing, Hotwife Double Penetrations, Volume 6 is just the thing to satiate your extramarital threesome desires. He signs her up for piano lessons instead, with disastrous results.

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Jane finds a silver lining in her sexy piano teacher, however. Soon her instructor is teaching her and Kyle how to share When her pent-up arousal finally overflows in her boss' office, Karenna finds herself on her knees under the rich man's desk, performing his secret pleasure as coworkers come in and out, seemingly oblivious to the taboo erotic scene taking place only inches away - or are they?

Finally, when Karenna's boss discovers what she really wants from him, will he ever agree to her forbidden desires - and when an unnoticed voyeur catches them in the act, how can either hope to keep their job? Contact me for any questions: inforeq. One night, their relationship changes and a new dynamic Dan never knew he needed emerges. It's not long before our trio have entered a state of domestic bliss. This lasts until Dan's arch enemy Padma decides he is too happy and makes a move to put him in his place - under her beck and call.

Will the love this trio shares be enough to save them, or will this be the end of Claire, Derrick, and Dan? These dark, sexy shorts are sure to arouse and excite you from the first word to the last. Each fantasy invokes more than one sexual climatic interlude, making the final climax that much more of a release. Collecting three explicit stories of hardcore wife sharing, Hotwife Double Penetrations, Volume 2 is just the thing to satiate your extramarital threesome desires.

It doesn't help that the stripper looks exactly like the bride-to-be. Realizing how much it turns him on to imagine a threesome between his friend, Logan, and his new wife, Don prepares fo. Collecting three explicit stories of hardcore wife sharing, Hotwife Double Penetrations is just the thing to satiate your extramarital threesome desires. But their husband and wife partnership is put to the test when they show up to a weekend retreat with the recently single Andy, who Cindy's been fawning over for years.

As the three of them enjoy their vacation, sexual tensions start to rise between Cindy and Andy until Cindy finally reveals her secret desire to be double.